Development of Applications

pibit is supporting and consulting you for your Application Development in Python, Java/J2EE, .NET and Windows development, development for Apple Macintosh and the iPhone, for GNU/Linux and Unix as well as for Mobile Systems including Windows Mobile and many other platforms.

pibit is supporting you in different programming languages like Python, C/C++, Java, VB.Net, C#, Objective C and many others, including generator languages like YSLT.

With all this pibit is supporting you in actual technology like Model Driven Architecture and the CodeGen concept for automated software development.

pibit is offering you decades of experience from designing and implementing web applications up to solutions for high scaling distributed systems.

User Interface Design

The requirements for a user interface design are high: easy usability, clarity, ease of use, quick comprehension of important factors. Our claim is to simplify a complex machine to an easy usable tool, without fearing complex problems. The user controls the machine, not vice versa. And always with the premise, to consider the needs and wishes of our customers.

Ergonomically operating structures result from the development of friendly user interfaces, with no or only minimal training incorporated. The focus is, at any stage of the development, the needs of the user for the interface design.

This also includes the analyses and elaboration of requirements for the customers, without getting lost in theory. Many years of experience in collaboration with engineers, software developers and graphic designers empower us to merge successfully different “cultures” and approaches to one unique concept.

Not only new ideas for machinery views, icons and controls are our strengths, but also innovative methods for the implementation. This makes us a leader in creative concepts and design approaches.

Corporate Design and Product Design

Product Development

Electronics Development

pibit is offering Consulting and Development for your PCB or your device.

Therefore pibit is offering not only common PCB design and development of micro computers, but also HF development (i.e. GPS). Furthermore, pibit is consulting you in choosing a housing and is offering product design.

The experienced engineers of pibit are consulting you from individual production up to mass production.

With the pibit 32bit ARM platform pibit is offering you the advantage, that you can implement your idea of a GNU/Linux, Windows Mobile or lbcs/eCos development quickly.

We're looking forward to your request!

Languages and Compilers

pibit offers you a huge range of expertise in formal languages and compilers. pibit is consulting you in implementing your project, whether you‘re using XML based languages or other languages.

pibit is developing own languages, too; for example pibit is offering the DSL toolchain YML as Free Software under GPL 2.0 or under a commercial license with support for you. pibit is supporting existing languages, too. For example, pibit published the IEC 61131-3 Structured Text to XML Compiler as Free Software.

pibit is supporting you with your own project, i.e. with the PEG parser pyPEG, which is also Free Software and additionally available under a commercial license with support.

Please just tell us your requirements!

System Development

Do you need a driver for Windows? Do you require a kernel module for Linux, Unix, xBSD, MacOS X or any other operating system? Then pibit can help you.

pibit is developing drivers for you. Or we‘re developing your complete operating system: with lbcs/eCos pibit is offering a small RTOS based operating system for your mobile or embedded platform.

Please tell us your requirements! We‘re pleased to inform you.


Requirement Engingeering

Project Management

Software- and Micro-Electronic Architecture

Technology Consulting for Software and Electronics

Communication & Product Design

Business Process Optimization & BI

Strategy Consulting

Security Consulting

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